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History of Feng Shui

In its earliest form fengshui was utilized to orient the homes of the dead rather than the homes of the living. The term itself appears first in a passage from the Book of Burial which dates to no earlier than the 4th century AD.

'Qi rides the feng (wind) and scatters, but is retained when encountering shui (water). The ancients collected it to prevent its dissipation and guided it to assure its retention. Thus it was called fengshui. According to the laws of fengshui, the site which attracts water is optimum, followed by the site which catches wind.'

Qi - Life Breath - Life Force - Energy

The Book of Burial characterizes Qi as 'life breath'. In one of its earliest contexts (The Zuo Commentary, 541 BCE), qi is a meteorological category composed of the six phases of cold, warmth, wind, rain, darkness, and light.

While it originally meant steam or vapor (as in clouds), by the time of Confucius it had come to mean an animating force in the atmosphere (manifested in weather phenomena) that actively influenced the human body (manifested in fever, chills, delusions, etc.). The science of fengshui analyzed this force in the environment with the intention of controlling its manifestations in the individual. Such analysis was scientific only insofar as it was based on empirical observation.

Site Selection - laws of Nature

The earliest textual reference to the practice of site selection occurs in various similar passages on oracle bones dating from the middle of the Shang dynasty (1766-1046 BC).

The earliest textual reference to the actual practice of qimancy comes from the Book of Odes, the oldest anthology of poetry in the Chinese tradition. In a cycle of poems praising the exploits of the illustrious ancestors of the Zhou dynasty (1046-256 BCE) the hero Gong Liu appears.

Great was Chief Liu
He surveyed the breadth and length of his lands;
He measured the shadow and observed the hills,
Noting the sunshine and shade.
He located the streams and springs.

Wind and Water

The science of fengshui in its earliest recorded context specifically refers to the School of Forms. Terrestrial features serve to block the wind - which captures qi and scatters it, and channel the waters - which collect qi and store it. Fengshui may literally indicate 'wind and water,' but this is merely shorthand for an environmental policy of hindering the wind and hoarding the waters. The science of Fengshui, therefore is windbreak-watercourse qimancy.

The art of Kanyu, on the other hand, the precursor of the Compass School, relies strictly on astrology and numerology as a means of fathoming qi on a cosmic scale. While fengshui is local, kanyu is universal.


Feng Shui, Humans & the Universe: Kanyu

'Feng Shui is commonly translated as wind / water. However, the original statement may have come from an earlier classic than the Book of Burial called Qing Nang Jing. This book explains the formation of the universe. In its last chapter it states that:

"Topography has four kinds. Qi comes from eight directions. External qi is in shape. Internal qi grow with limit. Qi will be destroyed by wind and stopped by water. Therefore it is in form of five signs. Then we use eight triagrams and follow sexagenary cycle." (Qing Nang Jing, Prologue to the Green Satchel)

In ancient times as well as today, Feng shui was known as "Kan-Yu" which means 'The Law of Heaven and Earth.'

'There is an inherent law not only on the primordial plane but in our manifest world of matter, and it is that there is no rest or cessation of Motion in Nature. That which seems at rest is only changing from one form into another. The change in substance going hand-in-hand of that of form. Motion is eternal in the un-manifested and periodical in the manifest.

Motion is the One Eternal Element and it's containing vehicle is Space. Through the process of evolution, moving from inward to outward forms, Spirit manifests itself descending into the material plane.' (Blavatsky, H.P., 'An Abridgement of the Secret Doctrine,' pg 49)

Electromagnetic Fields & Esoteric Feng Shui

Esoteric feng shui is the art and science of working with the electro-magnetic field that influences the earth and galaxies. This web-like field is like one form of energy, a giant matrix.

We live in this web-like, electromagnetic field crossed by innumerable invisible lines. When we put an object within the field, the field will charge, (negatively or positively), the object, according to the field's density. Density depends on form, (land form/layout). Everything is charged, even the dead, but the living things will show tangible effects. Each compass direction segment of the Lou Pan is itself a field. When the planets move, they reform the density of every dot in the cobweb. It is a constantly changing matrix, but to the human eye it appears to almost never change.

When we speak of esoteric feng shui, we analyze the affects of the earth's own electromagnetic field, plus those of other planets, on people. We attempt to locate the proper place for the person within their environment.'


Art & Science of Feng Shui: Consultants

'Feng shui is a study of how humans interact with their environment. It is the practice of analysing and influencing the interaction between people, buildings and the environment in order to enhance quality of life.

In practice it focuses on the way a building can influence the behaviour, emotions, health and thoughts of people spending time there. The body of knowledge that contributes to feng shui explores the influence of building design, interior features, furniture, imagery, natural local earth energies and the location people place themselves within a building at any given time.

A feng shui consultant will be able to advise you on colours, plants, art, mirrors, electrical equipment, lighting, water features and the layout of furniture.

Feng shui experts also recognise that the atmosphere, or chi, of a building is able to influence our thoughts and feelings. The job of a feng shui consultant is to assess what kind of atmosphere a person will succeed and flourish in, then create the appropriate environment the home or work space.'


Feng Shui, Astronomy & China

'Until the invention of the magnetic compass, Feng Shui relied on astronomy to find correlations between humans and the Universe.

.. In 4000 BCE, the doors of Banpo dwellings were aligned to the asterism Yingshi just after the winter solstice - this sited the homes for solar gain.

.. Cosmography that bears a striking resemblance to modern Feng Shui devices and formulas was found on a jade unearthed at Hanshan and dated around 3000 BCE. The design is linked by archaeologist Li Xueqin to the liuren astrolabe, zhinan zhen, and Luopan.

.. Beginning with palatial structures at Erlitou, all capital cities of China followed rules of Feng Shui for their design and layout. These rules were codified during the Zhou era in the Kaogong ji ("Manual of Crafts"). Rules for builders were codified in the carpenter's manual Lu ban jing.

Traditional Feng Shui practice always requires an extremely accurate Chinese compass, or Luo Pan.


Luopan - Feng Shui Compass

'In Chinese, Luo means a net that encompasses everything and Pan means utensil or plate.

This allegorically refers to the union of Heaven and Earth and specifically to the electro magnetic field that holds all matter together.

The Luo Pan has been developed for the past 2 000 years and every traditional Feng Shui master of note has added to it throughout this time.

The different levels of feng shui information are contained in each ring of a Luo pan.'



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Feng Shui: Chinese Art & Science of Humans and Environment, laws of Nature, Qi, Wind Water, Consultants, Office, House, Bedroom, Love

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