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Gabriel LaFreniere's Wave Diagrams


I become familiar with the work of Gabriel LaFreniere / Matter is Made of Waves in October, 2003.
His Wave Diagrams are fantastic, and have enabled him to independently (to Milo Wolff and myself) explain and solve many of the problems of Modern Physics by rejecting the 'particle' conception of matter for a wave structure of matter (which clearly works).

Below is some of our correspondence and a few of his Wave diagrams that I have converted from Animated Gifs (very large KBytes) to Flash Movies (much smaller KBytes and thus faster to download).

Geoff Haselhurst

Correspondence of Gabriel LaFreniere (GL) & Geoffrey Haselhurst (GH)

Note: There is a slight difficulty due to the fact that I do not speak French and rely on Gabriel's English, which makes things a little difficult at times!

GL - Bonjour Geoffrey,

GH - How did the Video Interview between Milo Wolff and I work?

GL - Milo's videos work very well on my Media Player. Glad to see them in WMV. I simply hate Real One Player.

GH - Glad that they worked OK - I think videos are useful on the internet as they obviously have a more human feel, and most people use emotions more than reason to judge things.

GL - Unfortunately the French-English barrier still is quite a problem. I am not a U.S. film nor T. V. fan and I never watch U.S. productions. So Milo Wolff's U.S. accent sounds very odd to my ears. I must hit the repeat button several times to grab some of the words substance. On the other hand those videos are much more revealing than Milo's web pages. I noticed that he is right on many subjects, but many of his assumptions do not match with my own system. As he is 80 (I am 61) I still fear that we will not live long enough to conciliate all this.

GH - We must discuss our ideas soon and see what the three of us agree and disagree on - I learnt a huge amount from Milo Wolff, but we still don't agree on all things (but respect one another nonetheless). It is rare in history for three different people to discover the same thing independently - we must make the most of this and learn from one another. We are each very smart in our own ways.

GL - Your Australian accent sounds much more familiar to my ears. It seems to be a sort of London's echo, and you sure know that we have been invaded by British soldiers here by 1760. This was a very sad year for us Canadians, because Canadians were all French those days. In fact, all the U.S. Mississippi area up to Louisiana between Florida and Texas was French too (the name Louisiana is from Louis XIV of France). Did you ever notice that Détroit, Boston and Chicago were french names too? Now the battle is lost, and all of us will have to be swallowed into an english melting pot very similar to the rest of North America.

GH - I have been to Montreal about ten times over the past 20 years and also a number of times to Quebec city. Thus I am very aware of the French history and fierce resistance to the all pervasive english American culture (or lack of culture!). We in Australia are also being overtaken by American culture. As Leonard Cohen said in a song, America has the best and the worst!

GL - I can write English (hardly) but I just cannot speak it in a reasonable manner, especially while explaining such complex things as matter. So I am afraid that I could not answer your questions as Milo Wolff did. I suppose that I could read a text. I do not know why, but my accent is very different from that of other French Canadians. Maybe because I was a classical course student. But it still is an accent.

GH - Your written English to me is very good. We can film some in English and I can edit out bits where you struggle for words (Milo's video has had heavy editing to cut out any rambling, to keep it short and concise). We can also film a lot in French and use French titles for the questions. I think video on the internet is important, and as data rates become faster, will be more important in the future! And it adds a touch of class to your website! Karene and I have learnt a lot since I filmed and edited Milo so our next videos will be much better!!

GL - I would be very proud to receive you in my pretty house on the riverside. La Rivière des Mille-Iles (thousand islands) is a derivation of the fleuve St-Laurent (St-Lawrence river), about 15 kilometers (10 miles) north of Montréal, which is an island too.

GH - Karene and I will probably be spending about three months a year in Montreal for the next four years as my ex-wife wants to return there to live with our two children. I greatly look forward to meeting you and discussing many things. Thank you for your kindness.

GL - PLEASE examine my two new animations. I made a new one for my moving electron, involving the Doppler effect. I daresay that it is a masterpiece. Starting from now, no scientist can argue against the wave structure of matter any more. IT WORKS.

GH - Your animations are truly remarkable - I have been working very hard on my websites and it gets depressing at times (so much to do!). It lifts my spirits to go to your website and see such beautiful intelligent work on the Wave Structure of Matter. I will soon add some of your diagrams to my web pages and make more of a feature of you and your website. Do you have a biography (English) that explains the history of your ideas and how / when you discovered that matter is a spherical standing wave - this would be useful. I would also like to copy some of your website and put them up on my website and add my comments to it (like I have done with Milo Wolff). My comments would be nice!

While we both know that the Wave Structure of Matter is true (and bloody obvious at that!) - I do not think it will be easily or quickly accepted - I think we are looking at another ten to twenty years of work before it really becomes famous. So you must live a long life like your father! I think I can create (over several years) a website that has pages in the top ten search results for most subjects to do with physics, philosophy and metaphysics - and would then get about 30,000 to 50,000 (perhaps 100,00) page views (hits) a day. I already get about four thousand hits a day and this is after only three months of work! (And most pages are still very incomplete, have no inward links from other websites - which Google requires for higher ranking). My aim is to get my Google page rank up to 8/10 for my main index (currently 5/10), and thus pages coming off the index will have a page rank of 7/10 (currently 4/10). Then I will be able to compete with the big universities for top ten spots, and I am better at optimising my pages than they are so I should win out in the long run! (And Truth eventually wins out!)

Perhaps over time you can help me to build a bigger and better website. The main thing is to have lots and lots of different pages with different titles, make sure the pages are well optimised for search engines (I am good at this!) and have links on every page to every other page with good short descriptions. The search engines like text in and around links and rank pages higher.
Life is exciting, strange, when one knows reality in a time of ignorance!

From one revolutionary to another, au revoir!

Au revoir,

GL - Au révolutionnaire Geoffrey,
I am glad that you appreciate my new electron animations. In my judgment they are marking a decisive step. Nothing else is more important than electrons, simply because there is nothing else but electrons. This is not a huge effort of logic and philosophy. Your intelligence is involving electrons. Your thoughts are electrons. So think about electrons, and you will understand the whole Universe!

I am especially concerned with science history and I can affirm that a lot of discoveries were made by different people simultaneously. It seems to be a matter of timing. Examples:

Differential calculus : Newton and Leibniz

Doppler effect : Doppler and Fizeau.

Normal distribution : Gauss and Laplace, both working on Poisson's statistics.

Matter contraction : FitzGerald, Larmor and Lorentz.

Relativity : Poincaré and Einstein (however Einstein's theory is obviously a pale copy of Poincaré's ideas)

Radio oscillator, receiver and emitter : Tesla and Marconi.

Telescope meniscus corrector : Maksutov, Bouwers, Penning, Gabor. This case is particularly astounding. Four people not knowing one another, discovering the same thing in four different countries during the same year (1944). A pure insult to statistics! One could add vapour machines, motor cars, planes, etc. Moreover, thousands of patents were claimed by several people from different countries.

I still am doubtful about videos. I am a very good searcher (and a finder), but I am simply null as a speaker. All my life is a suite of communication failures. I am so bad that people would not believe me telling that the orange's colour is orange.

My french website is reaching 1000 hits per week. I made a new page on the Doppler effect recently, and a sub-section (four pages) about optics. Two other pages will follow, about Huygens' principle and Poincaré's local time. So the site is growing rapidly. I am sure that I must try to reach the very few people who can make all the difference. The aim is not to reach the whole Earth population. It appears to be virtually impossible to translate them and keep them all up to date according to my new discoveries. I had new ideas recently. I am seriously damaging my brain cells each morning, drinking plenty of brazilian coffee (great) while watching the plunger ducks on the river and imagining how those damn electrons should behave inside a 'quark'.

I do receive feedback. Mostly students, but sometimes scientists. I recently received a message from a well known nuclear physicist, who admits that the Wave Structure of Matter is coherent. He does not dare to admit it in public, probably because he fears to be ridiculed. Aether's existence is a very touchy subject in the science world. You surely noticed that even Milo Wolff does not dare to admit aether, speaking about 'space'. This hypothesis has been abandoned a long time ago because of Relativity. Abandoned. Not refuted. However, waves do NEED a medium. Speaking about the wave structure of matter without aether is a perfect nonsense. That's it, that's all.

Au plaisir,

GH - Hi Gab,
I knew about Newton and Leibniz, Einstein and Poincaré, the rest are interesting.
Keep building new web pages - it is the way to go! Even if most hits are from the masses and don't lead to anything they GREATLY help your website to get a higher ranking and thus exposure to more people who do matter!

GL - You surely noticed that even Milo does not dare to admit aether, speaking about 'space'. This hypothesis has been abandoned a long time ago because of Relativity. Abandoned. Not refuted. However, waves do NEED a medium. Speaking about the wave structure of matter without aether is a perfect nonsense.

GH - I absolutely agree - have argued with Milo about this! To me Space and Ether/Aether are the same thing - wave medium for waves. Do you then consider space/ether to move/vibrate - that it is Wave MOTION of a nearly rigid Space? This is important! And that Space is continuous and Infinite - has no parts / particles.
I will film you and if you don't like the results I will not use them - OK. (I am a good film editor, I will make you seem what you are - a highly intelligent man who has discovered reality!)
It is my birthday today - I am 44. I have known reality now for 7 years. I think of my life as in two parts, before and after true knowledge of reality! I first found Milo Wolff 6 years ago, you are my second great discovery! (How did we find one another? I think Milo sent me an email between the two of you?) When did you first discover Wave Structure of Matter? How? What is/was your motivation?


Cher ami,

I found Milo's website in august 2003, searching for other's opinions about matter and waves. Many people are aware that matter is involving waves, but I noticed that Milo was a very special and advanced case. So I sent him a message and he answered very quickly. He was very enthusiastic and he told me that my electron at rest was exactly the same as his electron. Milo sure told you about me in August too.

However he did not approve my moving electron up to now, and you did not either. I am rather sad that both of you do not agree with such an obvious phenomenon. It is a well known fact that the Doppler effect can be applied to plane standing waves, but it is not the case for spherical standing waves. As a matter of fact, I never saw such a demonstration in all my life, and this is why my most recent animation is so important to me. It shows that such a system is POSSIBLE.

I was wondering about gravity by 1975. Mechanics was one of my passions. I soon realised that gravity could not be explained as an attractive force. Something should rather PUSH the Earth toward the Sun, as a shade effect, and it could be caused by particles or waves. Because particles should bounce from the Sun as well as from the Earth, I felt that the final result would be null.

Discussing this with a friend, we both agreed that gravity should be caused by waves. But waves need a medium, and my next step was to examine how the aether should work. I supposed particles bouncing on each other. Now I agree with you - no particles there. But I still do not know how aether works. It could be highly evanescent. Considering an electron, SPACE can be seen as its wavelength and TIME, its frequency. No doubt, the electron is the ultimate clock, and the ultimate ruler.

My mistake about aether particles did show me the correct direction anyway. Because those particles could not let any material object going through them, but only waves, I soon realised that de Broglie could be right much more than he knew himself : matter could be made of waves. Standing waves.

I stopped working and bought my first computer in jan. 1993. I am mainly an optician, and I studied telescopes. I examined the Michelson interferometer with my own programs. Because of my knowledge of standing waves I very quickly noticed that Lorentz was right. I still do not understand why nobody believed him. The Lorentz transformation is so simple, and it explains all.

By 2000 my system was well established since many years, but I was seriously fearing that such a discovery could be dangerous for mankind. I simply wrote a book 'Theory of Absolute' explaining the theory, but hiding the facts.
I show in my pages that matter is using much more energy than mc ^ 2 from Einstein's equation. The electron amplification process indicates that its energy must be borrowed and then returned to aether waves. This process generates a shade effect first, and then a radiation pressure which cancels the shade effect. According to my first approximation one kg of matter is radiating this way about c ^ 3 Joules per second. This is a huge quantity of energy. It would not be a good idea to let everybody play with matter.

I waited two years thinking about that. All seemed O. K. and I finally wrote a second book explaining all.

Que sera, sera. Let it be...

Mes amitiés,


Hi Gabriel,
Thanks for the summary. I would like to use it on my website for some pages that i will put up about you and your discoveries.

> However he did not approve my moving electron up to now, and you did not either. I am rather sad that both of you do not agree with such an obvious phenomenon.

I neither agree nor disagree - I have not studied your ideas enough to understand / know.

Please write to me as soon as you have several days to discuss our work. I will read yours and ask you to read about 60 pages of mine. Then we can see what we agree and disagree on. At the same time I would like to create several web pages of your work and wave diagrams with our comments / discussion included. Is this OK?

Please also reply about MOTION - Do you think Space / Aether is nearly rigid wave-medium for wave motion - that space is moving / vibrating?!

I have had some success making your wave diagrams smaller (took me five hours of playing around!)
Your Huygens Wave Diagram I can re format in Flash and it goes from 93 KBytes down to 38 K Bytes.
You Spherical Standing Wave Diagram I can re format in Flash from 480 K Bytes down to about 30 K Bytes.
I strongly suggest you put up all your pages using Flash movies (you can leave your existing pages up as well). This will decrease the size of your pages from 2,000 K Bytes down to about 250 K Bytes which will greatly help. I can do this for you while I edit the English for you and check that the pages are correct for HTML Validation.


GL - Your way of using a web page in order to explain things appears to be absolutely terrific.
I will have to think about MOTION, as you repeat that this is important. Aether could be almost as evanescent as empty space, something between waves and nothing at all. It sure is nearly rigid and vibrating, thus moving, but this movement takes place inside less than 10^-18 meters. This is incredibly small and apparently not significant. However the time is definitely the consequence of this motion. So we have SPACE and MOTION first, and TIME can be seen as wave motion of space. This shows that Minkowski's space-time concept is an aberration. Any equation using this redundant value could never be balanced correctly.
On the contrary your URL appears to be highly relevant. From a mechanical point of view, a space and motion theory could be as important as (and replace) Relativity. I noticed that inside my moving electron, non concentric waves do not cross themselves everywhere at the same time, and that this is the cause of the Lorentz transformation. A SPACE and TIME distortion occurs because of the electron MOTION. Though this was certainly not your first route, you must be aware that there is a very interesting development there. Clearly, you are on the right track anyway.
PLEASE recognize that standing waves can become "moving standing waves". This is a well known fact, not my discovery. Maybe you did not visit Mr. Yuri Ivanov's site, who also believe in matter waves. - His knowledge of Standing Waves is very good. - Standing Wave compression vs Lorentz Transformation.
In all my life I never read such intelligent and sparkling stuff. But the result is so deceiving that I would cry.

I am very happy that you finally expressed your interest for my animations. This is a great event. I am a bit afflicted that you had to work so hard. If you intend to do such research and optimizing in the future, I would like to 'help you helping me'.
I noticed that Flash could help in two manners. The first one is the fade in / out effect, which allows one to use only three images (positive, neutral and negative) and still produce a very high quality animation. However this could be applied only to the spherical standing wave. Perhaps you could use a blur effect too. Your 39K version obviously uses the high quality 500K images, and I am curious to know how you did this. My knowledge of electronic images is very good. Unless you are a sorcerer, you sure used this kind of trick, and so you cannot use the same one in order to compress the Huygens' animation. The problem is not related to the system but to the images.

Next, my GIF system does not allow me to re-use the same images on a "round trip" cycle (back and forth sequence). For some of my animations I must repeat the same images for the second part of the cycle (from pi to 2 pi). I suppose that Flash can do that, making the same animation two times smaller for the same quality. Otherwise I prefer quality. I prefer using a large amount of images. Any professional physicist will appreciate this and recognize that these Wave Diagrams are valuable. I prefer not using Flash because this system is far more bulky then animated GIFs. Most people will not know how to deal with it (copy and paste ?), and one must download the program. Maybe I will use it some day, but only if I can significantly reduce the size without reducing the quality.

Cosmos, space and motion.

Gabriel. November 12th, 2003

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Albert Einstein"When forced to summarize the general theory of relativity in one sentence: Time and space and gravitation have no separate existence from matter. ... Physical objects are not in space, but these objects are spatially extended. In this way the concept 'empty space' loses its meaning. ... The particle can only appear as a limited region in space in which the field strength or the energy density are particularly high. ...
The free, unhampered exchange of ideas and scientific conclusions is necessary for the sound development of science, as it is in all spheres of cultural life. ... We must not conceal from ourselves that no improvement in the present depressing situation is possible without a severe struggle; for the handful of those who are really determined to do something is minute in comparison with the mass of the lukewarm and the misguided. ...
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Biography: Geoffrey Haselhurst, Philosopher of Science, Theoretical Physics, Metaphysics, Evolution. Our world is in great trouble due to human behaviour founded on myths and customs that are causing the destruction of Nature and climate change. We can now deduce the most simple science theory of reality - the wave structure of matter in space. By understanding how we and everything around us are interconnected in Space we can then deduce solutions to the fundamental problems of human knowledge in physics, philosophy, metaphysics, theology, education, health, evolution and ecology, politics and society.

This is the profound new way of thinking that Einstein realised, that we exist as spatially extended structures of the universe - the discrete and separate body an illusion. This simply confirms the intuitions of the ancient philosophers and mystics.

Given the current censorship in physics / philosophy of science journals (based on the standard model of particle physics / big bang cosmology) the internet is the best hope for getting new knowledge known to the world. But that depends on you, the people who care about science and society, realise the importance of truth and reality.

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