Leibniz  - Reality cannot be found except in One single source, because of the interconnection of all things with one another. (Leibniz, 1670) Reality cannot be found except in One single source, because of the interconnection of all things with one another.


Writing on Truth and Reality is now very difficult, as our current postmodern Society no longer believes in either concept. Yet it is obviously True that Reality exists; we exist, as does the world around us. Thus the problem has been to find the correct language for describing this world. Recent discoveries on the Properties of Space and the Wave Structure of Matter can now explain this Reality that we all experience in a very simple and sensible way. (Mouse over Links below to display philosophy quotes)

Founded on One Principle which states that One Substance, SPACE, exists with the Properties of a Wave Medium and that Matter exists as the Spherical Wave Motion of Space, this knowledge then provides a simple sensible description of how matter (and hence we 'Humans') exist and move about in Space, and interact with other matter in the Space around us. (Simple and sensible are used philosophically here, there is nothing more simple than One thing, and sensible because logic from this One Principle exactly corresponds to our senses of the world.) Most significantly for Scientists, the Wave Structure of Matter explains and solves many of the problems of Metaphysics, Philosophy and Physics and unites Einstein's Relativity, Quantum Theory and Cosmology (as a correct description of Reality must).

Since the beginning of Philosophy and Metaphysics (Ancient Indian and Greek Philosophy) we have known that there must be One Thing which is Common to the Many Things which explains how All Matter is Interconnected within the One Universe. The error was to believe that human Language could never directly describe this One Thing (which must therefore remain beyond comprehension) and which we called 'God'. (Brahman, Tao, etc.)
The Solution is to realise that the One Thing, (Space) has Properties (Wave-Medium) that give rise to the many things (Matter as the Spherical Wave Motion of Space) and this then allows us to form the necessary connections for language and logic. See Deducing Reality - Metaphysical Foundations of Scientific Language

1. The Problem of Physics
(What Causes the Interconnected Motion of Matter in Space and Time within the Universe?)
It has been the holy grail of Physics for the past 70 years to unite Einstein's Relativity, Quantum Theory, and more recently, Cosmology from one Metaphysical foundation. The solution to this problem (with mathematical precision and certainty) belongs largely to the pioneering and revolutionary work (I use these words carefully) of Mathematical Physicist Milo Wolff, who first discovered the Spherical Wave Structure of Matter in 1986. See Digital Video interview of Milo Wolff (Windows Media, 170 seconds at 6KB/s = 1 MB. See Link at top of page for more videos of this interview.)

Very briefly (as this is explained in the main articles), for Physics the problem has been to unite Six separate things - the Motion of Matter 'Particles' in Space and Time, and explain the 'Forces' (Necessary Connection) between these particles within One Universe.
The Solution is to realise that our Universe, Matter, Time and Forces are Caused by the finite spherical wave Motion of Space. i.e.
Matter exists as the Spherical Wave Motion of Space.The 'Particle' effect of matter is caused by the Wave-Center of the Spherical Standing Wave Motions. (This sensibly solves the seventy year old paradox of the 'particle/wave' duality of Matter - spherical waves cause the 'particle' effect.)
Time is the Human Representation that everything (matter) is in Motion.
All Forces (Cause, Necessary Connection) exist as the change in velocity of the In-Waves (from one direction) as they flow in through other Matter/Spherical Wave Motions in Space, resulting in a change in location of the Wave-Center which we observe as the accelerated motion of the 'particle'.
Our Finite Spherical Universe is determined by the size of these Spherical Wave Motions within an Infinite Space.
Our Matter's Spherical In-Waves are formed from all the other Matter's Out-Waves within our Finite Spherical Universe. (This explains Mach's Principle using Huygens' Principle, and also deduces the redshift with distance without assuming a Doppler shift due to receding motion / expanding Universe.)
Thus we realise that Matter is large (that Matter and Universe are the same thing, as Leibniz argued) and it has been an incorrect habit of thinking to imagine Matter as tiny 'particles'. This is a most profound realisation, for this new Metaphysical foundation and perspective (Kuhn's 'paradigm shift in world view') now explains and solves many of the fundamental problems of Human Knowledge.
See Uniting Metaphysics & Physics - Einstein's Relativity, Quantum Theory & Cosmology

2. The Problem of Metaphysics (What Exists and how is it Necessarily Connected?)
The most profound of the sciences, Metaphysics now has the reputation of quackery and new age spiritualism that is contrary to its true nature and importance as the foundation of the Sciences. In fact Metaphysics has been misunderstood and misrepresented in two important ways;

i) Metaphysics is founded on the Principle that One Thing (Substance) exists and has Properties. (Something does not come from nothing, thus One thing always existed.) Further, there are Many Things (people, cars, apples, planets ... ) which also obviously exist - and there must be some Necessary Connection, One thing that is common to these Many things. This gives rise to not only the Problem of the One and the Many, but also the further problems of the; Infinite and the Finite, Eternal and the Temporal, Absolute and the Relative; Continuous and Discrete; Simple and the Complex.
And once we know the Necessary Connection (i.e. spherical In and Out Waves) between What Exists (matter as the Spherical Wave Motion of Space) then we can also explain and unite these fundamental problems of Metaphysics;
The One Infinite Absolute Eternal Continuous Simple thing is Space.
The Many Finite Relative Temporal Discrete Complex things are Spherical Standing Wave Motions of Space (i.e. matter and its interconnected motions).

ii) Secondly, Metaphysics is the study of (a priori) Causes rather than (a posteriori) Effects - of determining Principles (synthetic) rather than deducing from these Principles (analytic). That we must first determine What Exists (that is necessary, certain, universal) and how is it Necessarily Connected such that we can exist and sense the world. (Kant's synthetic a priori knowledge). Thus the task of Metaphysics is to explain the Cause of our senses, and logical deductions from these a priori Principles must correspond with what we Observe from our Senses, as Leibniz explains; It is a good thing to proceed in order and to establish propositions (principles). This is the way to gain ground and to progress with certainty. ... I hold that the mark of a genuine idea is that its possibility can be proved, either a priori by conceiving its cause or reason, or a posteriori when experience teaches us that it is a fact in nature.
Unfortunately, Metaphysics has been misunderstood as being 'beyond our senses, and thus not limited by our senses' which opens a Pandora's box of strange (and generally silly) ideas quite alien to the Space we do in fact exist in and sense about us.
As Plato wrote, we should not blame this poor reputation upon Philosophy, but upon those not suited to its study, who corrupt its true nature as the foundation of all the Sciences.
In fact Kant was nearly correct. He thought that Space and Time were necessary (a priori) for us to be able to sense things - but because he could not unite Space and Time to One common connected thing he concluded that Space and Time must both also be ideas of the world, somehow different from the world itself. The solution is simple once known - it is Space and Motion which fundamentally exist, and Time is in fact only an Idea, a Human Representation that everything is in Motion.
Thus the problem at the heart of Metaphysics, and therefore at the heart of all Human Knowledge, is the problem of 'What Exists' and how is it 'Necessarily Connected', to which we can now with confidence reply;
What Exists, at the most fundamental level, is Space and Motion.
Motion is obviously necessarily connected to Space because it is the Wave Motion of Space (it is Space which is moving/vibrating).
Matter is necessarily Connected to both Space and Motion because Matter is a formed from Spherical Wave Motions of Space.
Matter is Necessarily Connected to Other Matter due to the interaction of the Spherical In and Out Waves (and their changes in velocity which cause all Forces).

Finally, it should be emphasised that this is the most Simple & Fundamental description of Reality possible - for it explains and solves (and thus Unites) the Many Finite Changing Things ( Spherical Wave Motions of Space) from the One Infinite Eternal Thing, Space. (God, Brahman, Tao).
And there can be nothing more Simple than explaining the Many Things from ONE Thing. i.e. There is only One Reality, thus only One correct language for describing Reality. See Solution to Problems of Metaphysics

3. The Problem of Theology (What is God, Religion, and Morality?)
While to some it may seem impertinent to write about God, as a Philosopher I must simply reply that prior to human evolution there were no words, thus all words are human constructions and their meaning must be carefully defined (which is the task of Metaphysics, and the function of Principles). I agree with Cicero; 'As a philosopher, I have a right to ask for a rational explanation of religious faith.'
God Infinitely and Eternally Exists and Causes all Things, thus God is Infinite Space and Motion.
Religion (from latin 'religare' meaning 'to bind') is the study of our Connection to God/Universe. This is now solved when we realise that Matter and Universe are One - Finite Spherical Standing Waves (about 15 billion Light Years across) within an Infinite Space.
Morality - The fundamental morality of all world religions is 'Do unto others as would be done unto thy Self.' Once we correctly understand the True conception of Self as Universe then we realise that this Morality is Necessarily True (a Tautology) for the Other is a part of the Self. Thus we have logically confirmed the fundamental of all Human Morality, and in doing so have taken a giant step forward in advancing Science in to the formerly hidden and mysterious domain of Theology.

4. The Problem of Philosophy (Naive Realism and Idealism)
Philosophy is the realisation that Wisdom comes from Truth, and Truth comes from Reality. Because of the many errors currently found in Physics it is hardly surprising that Philosophy is also corrupted with many untrue and absurd ideas. Sadly, these errors do great damage to what is in fact a most beautiful and important subject. Again, this is not trivial, the problems of Philosophy always manifest as problems for Humanity herself, and this largely explains why the modern world suffers such profound problems (such as the destruction of Nature, and the resulting change in the Earth's climate and ability to produce clean air, water, and food).
The main problem for Philosophy has always been to connect our Senses (which are limited) and our resultant Ideas/Language (which are Representations of our Senses, and thus deceptive) with the Real World of What Exists

Naive Realism (What is Real - What is Represented by the Mind)
When I drop a red apple it falls to the earth. While the red colour is my mind's representation of a particular frequency of standing wave motions of electrons (wave-centers), the actual Motion in Space is real. But it is not the motion of an apple as discrete particles moving in Space, rather, it is the Spherical Wave Motion of Space itself and the successive Wave-Centers (formed from each Spherical In-Wave) give rise to this illusion of a discrete apple moving in Space. This also obviously explains the necessary connection (forces of light and gravity) between the apple, the earth, and myself. Matter is not small, but is in fact the size of the Universe, and is connected to all other matter in the Universe by it spherical In and Out Waves. (This also explains how you can see stars in the night sky, because your Spherical In-Waves have flowed in through those stars.) Thus the world we 'see' around us, of discrete and separate objects, is an illusion, as is their colour and taste and texture. Our minds have simply evolved to Represent the World in terms of Wave-Centers (particles), for this is where the majority of Wave interactions and thus forces occur (due to the high Wave Amplitudes near the Wave-Centers).

Idealism (How do we Know that our Ideas of the World Correspond to the World itself.)
This skeptical Idealism dates back to the Ancient Greeks (Anaxagoras), though Descartes, Berkeley, Kant, Schopenhauer, Hegel, and Nietzsche are more famous to modern Philosophy. The are two arguments against Idealism;
Firstly, we can apply the absolute truth of Darwinian evolution to Descartes' cogito ergo sum, I think therefore I exist (which is true but incomplete). For completion we must realise that minds and their ideas exist in Humans, who have evolved on the spherical surface of the Earth which orbits the Sun. We can be certain of this because prior to our evolution (when there were no human ideas) plants evolved photosynthesis, some are deciduous, animals evolved to move, birds evolved to fly and migrate, certain bears hibernate, some animals sleep at night, others are nocturnal. And all these evolved behaviours require the earth to be spinning as it orbits the sun, thus causing days/nights and years/seasons which are necessary for this evolution of life. Now it is clearly absurd to argue that all these other plants and animals shared our 'delusion' that the earth orbiting the sun is merely a human idea separate from Reality. Thus the Sun and Earth, and their interconnected orbital Motions must have existed prior to Human existence, and thus prior to our Ideas of the Sun and Earth and their Motions. And this obviously requires the a priori existence of both Space and Motion.
Secondly, for a person to think, it is necessary for matter to move (brain scans confirm that thinking changes the blood flow and electrical activity in the brain). Further, when a bird flies by my window, it is ultimately my mind that is experiencing this motion, thus there must be a connection between the motion of things in space, and my mind. The Spherical Wave Structure of Matter explains this common connection very simply and sensibly.
Thus we realise that Space and Motion are 'a priori' or first necessary for the Evolution of Humans and their ideas of Space and Motion. The major problem is no longer how our body and its senses can experience the world, but how our mind represents these senses as colours and tastes and emotional feelings etc. (But then the mind is obviously very complex and there is still a great deal to learn in this area.) See Uniting Metaphysics & Philosophy

Philosophy is literally love of Wisdom, and that we must know the Truth to be Wise. Thus Philosophy/Truth is obviously important to Humanity. Unfortunately, because of many thousands of years of failure to correctly describe 'what exists', and because the world is now full of 'crackpot' theorists claiming the discovery of reality on a daily basis, it is very difficult to convince people to take the time to read such work. Instead we live in a time of 'enlightened postmodernism' where the only absolute truth is that there are No Absolute Truths. But they are mistaken ( I write this without malice), they have simply made an error in their assumptions, and this explains why their foundation is a contradiction (something Aristotle knew 2,350 years ago). Frustratingly, evolution has created Humans as creatures of habit (of thoughts and actions) and there are now many incorrect habits of thinking which must be corrected before Reality can be understood. (e.g. No Absolute Space, discrete 'particles' which require 'forces' to connect them, mathematical waves (electromagnetic, probability) rather than real waves, multidimensional strings, Big Bangs, wormholes, WIMPS, etc.) Nonetheless, I believe that in time the Metaphysics of Space and Motion and the Spherical Standing Wave Structure of Matter will be accepted as a true description of Reality simply because it does in fact deduce exactly what we observe from observation and experiment. And so I look forward to the future evolution of Human Civilisation and the correction of the many myths and errors that have for so long caused such conflict and misery to Humanity.

In ending let me apologise for the abruptness of tone in my writing. I am a Philosopher and agree with Seneca that Speech devoted to truth should be straightforward and plain. (Seneca, 60AD)
I hope that this brief Introduction will cause you to take this subject of Truth and Reality seriously and thus to read the following Philosophy of Science Articles.

My motives are simple - my concern for Nature and the future of Humanity (the lives of our children), and my love of Philosophy, that all Truth comes from Reality and we must know this Truth to be Wise (Utopia).

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George Berkeley, Philosopher: Nothing seems of more importance, towards erecting a firm system of sound and real knowledge, which may be proof against the assaults of scepticism, than to lay the beginning in a distinct explication of what is meant by thing, reality, existence: for in vain shall we dispute concerning the real existence of things, or pretend to any knowledge thereof, so long as we have not fixed the meaning of those words. (George Berkeley, 1710) Nothing seems of more importance, towards erecting a firm system of sound and real knowledge, which may be proof against the assaults of scepticism, than to lay the beginning in a distinct explication of what is meant by thing, reality, existence: for in vain shall we dispute concerning the real existence of things, or pretend to any knowledge thereof, so long as we have not fixed the meaning of those words.

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One Metaphysical Principle

Space Exists as a Wave Medium.
Matter Exists as the Spherical
Wave Motion of Space.

Properties of Space
1. One Space must be Infinite, Eternal and Continuous. (As boundaries, creation, and particles require two things.)
2. Space is a nearly rigid wave-medium.
3. The wave velocity (velocity of light c) varies with both the wave-amplitude (causes charge/light) and mass-energy density of space (square of wave-amplitude, causes mass/gravity).

General Laws (Consequences of the Properties of Space which explain the Necessary Connection between What Exists i.e. from One Thing, Space)
1. The ‘particle’ effect of matter is caused by the wave-center of the spherical standing wave.
2. Time is caused by wave Motion.
3. Newton's Law of Inertia.
Force = Mass times Acceleration. A change in velocity of the spherical In-waves (from one direction) changes where these In-waves meet at their respective wave-center which we ‘see’ as the accelerated motion of the ‘particle’.
4. Mach’s Principle.
The spherical In-waves are formed from the Huygens' Combination of Out-waves from All other matter in our finite spherical universe.
5. Minimum Amplitude Law.
Wave-centers move to minimise total wave-amplitude (explains charge).
6. Maximum Density Law.
Wave-centers move to maximise total mass-energy density of space (explains gravity).