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Karene Jade Howie - Student of Philosophy and overworked shop keeper!Hello and welcome to the Philosophy Shop.

We really like philosophers and other creative thinkers of Human history - the Philosophy Shop represents several years work collecting over 500 quotes and portraits from many of the greatest minds of the past 3,000 years. Over the past 5 years the Philosophy Gift Shop has been one of the most popular shops at Cafepress - out of roughly 6 million shops! (Cafepress are a print on demand online shop and top 1000 website. They sell products world wide and have a full 30 day refund, making it a safe place to buy some very cool gifts for yourself and your friends.)

We hope you enjoy browsing our unique collection of photos & paintings with their eclectic mix of profound and engaging quotes.


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Philosophy Shop Main Subject Pages

Below is a collage of our Philosophy Shop images (Photographs, Portraits and Paintings). The images link to the relevant page (so you can see the quote and find out who they are!). You can also browse by subject (links on left of page) and by products (links on right of page). We do hope you enjoy our brilliant collection of great minds! Cheers, Karene and Geoff

Greek Science / Philosophy: Thales of Miletus Anaximenes Philosophy: Air, source of All Pythagoras: Mathematics Philosophy Brevity Ancient Greek Philosophy: Heraclitus on Unity Greek Philosophy: Democritus on Tranquillity Sayings from Ancient Greece: Wisdom of Socrates Socrates: Wisdom from Leisure Plato: Education & Beauty Plato Truth Reality Quote Poet in Love: The Dialogues of Plato The spring of Knowledge: Plato on Play Plato: Equality of Men and Women Plato: Wisdom, Humour, Beer Plato Aristotle: Ancient Greek Philosophy Ancient Greek Philosophy: Aristotle on Metaphysics Greek Philosophers: Aristotle on Law & Justice Greek Philosopher Thinker: Aristotle on Excellence Aristotle Famous Quote on Education: Living & Dead Hypatia: Wisdom of Greece / Pursuit of Truth Epicurus: Death Nihilism Hellenistic Philosophy Pleasure of self Control: Desire and Epicurus Zeno of Citium: stoic Philosophy Flowing with the Tao: Balance, Harmony, Oneness Lao Tzu Pictures Taoism Quotes Tao Philosophy Tao Te Ching: The Law of Nature Lao Tzu Wisdom of East: Confucius on Men's Habits Confucius Eastern Philosophy / Mysticism Eastern Philosophy: Buddha on Good and Evil Buddhism Philosophy of Love Spiritual Leader: Gautama Siddhartha (Buddha) Buddhist Religion: Gift of Truth Buddha Pictures Buddhism Art & Quotes Buddhism Philosophy of Compassion: the Dalai Lama Mahatma Gandhi Truth Philosophy Exiled Tibetan Leader: Tenzin Gyatso Dalai Lama: The Art of Happiness Henri Poincare: Philosophy, Science and Intuition Heidegger: Phenomenology, Language, Man Leo Tolstoy: Philosophy of Truth William James: Prejudice Freedom of Thought Resolving the Past: William James and Pragmatism Nature versus Humanity: Communist Theory Engels Marx: Influence of Philosophy, Power of Change Political Economics: Karl Marx History Analysis Environment, Marx and Industry Karl Marx Communism Religion Opiate Masses Work Revolution: Union of Workers Karl Marx Reality Truth Metaphysics British Idealism Bradley Friedrich Nietzsche: Great Minds are skeptical Friedrich Nietzsche Christianity Morality Religion Philosopher Nietzsche: Joy of a Dangerous Life Individual / Group Insanity: Nietzsche and society Nihilism: Vanity God and Nietzsche Friedrich Nietzsche: Monsters, Gaze into Abyss Nietzsche German Philosophy Love & Madness Friedrich Nietzsche: Women as Dangerous Plaything Arthur Schopenhauer on Thinking New Thoughts Schopenhauer: Few Wise / Majority Fools Arthur Schopenhauer: Three stages of Truth German Philosopher: Arthur Schopenhauer on Truth Georg Hegel: Lessons of History Enlightenment Philosophy: Moral Law Immanuel Kant Universal Law and Life: German Philosopher Kant Immanuel Kant: Reason, Duty of Philosophy Skepticism and Beauty: David Hume David Hume: Christian Religion / Miracles David Hume: Genius of Philosophy Age of Enlightenment: Jean-Jacques Rousseau Rousseau: Man is Born Free George Berkeley: 'Esse est percipi' George Berkeley: Idealism & Mind John Stuart Mill: Utilitarianism & Justice Truth Existentialism: Soren Kierkegaard Opinion and John Locke: Resistance to Change John Locke: Law of Love, social Liberty Moral Philosophy John Locke: Morality & Reason Gottfried Leibniz: Metaphysics Reality French Philosopher Rene Descartes on Doubt Rene Descartes: I Think therefore I Am Rene Descartes: skepticism, New Foundations One substance, Infinite Attributes: Baruch Spinoza Benedict de Spinoza Ethics Philosophy Philosophy Bruno: Truth Freedom of Thought Individual Freedom: Montaigne and Conformity Humanist Montaigne: subjective Power of Mind Thomas Hobbes Truth Thomas Hobbes: Political Philosophy / War Quotes Realist Political Theory: Philosopher Machiavelli Albert Camus Philosophy of Friendship Quote Social Criticism: Michel Foucault Art and Life Carl Jung Psychology vs Astrology Imagination and Fantasy: Jungian Psychology Carl Jung Synchronicity / Cause and Effect British Philosophy History: A. J. Ayer Certainty Bertrand Russell: Free Noble Life Bertrand Russell: Philosophy of Thought Russell: Certainty of Fools, Wisdom of Doubt Bertrand Russell on Eccentric Opinions Bertrand Russell on Critical Thinking Socialist, Anti-war Activist: Bertrand Russell Bertrand Russell: Man isn't Rational Animal Karl Popper: Falsifiability and Reality Open Society and Social Criticism: Karl Popper French Existentialism Philosophy: Sartre Oppenheimer: Atomic Bomb Manhattan Project Philosopher / scientist: Max Born Uncertainty Principle: Heisenberg Natural Science Wolfgang Pauli: Principles in Physics Mathematics Physics: Paul Dirac Quantum Theory Huygens Combination: Wave Structure of Matter Louis de Broglie: Quantum Wave Mechanics Erwin Schrodinger: Unity of Reality Erwin Schrodinger: Quantum Mechanics Erwin Schrodinger: Truth & sincerity Quantum Physics Theory: Niels Bohr Nobel Prize Lorentz Electromagnetic Field in Ether Madame Marie Curie: Physics Nature Liberty Marie & Pierre Curie: Noble Discoveries Good Evil Henri Jules Poincare: Nature Science Quotes Max Planck: Quantum Theory Father of Nuclear Physics: Ernest Rutherford Cosmology: Mach's Principle Maxwell's Electromagnetic Equations Michael Faraday: Wonderful Truth, laws of Nature Sir Isaac Newton: Absolute space Famous Greek Mathematician: Archimedes Individual Improvement: Humanity Marie Curie Nobel Philosophy: Good from Discovery Marie Curie Marie Curie: Wonderful World of Science Scientists / Inventors: Nikola Tesla Inventor Thomas Edison: Response to Human Needs Imagination / Edison: Creating Order from Chaos Famous scientist / Inventor: Alexander Graham Bell Louis Pasteur: Science Illuminates Humanity Error of Conformity: Galileo Science Discovery Revolution, Science: Kepler Astronomy Astrophysics Alfred Whitehead on Philosophy Ignorance Wonder Gottfried Leibniz: Science Truth Reason Experience Mathematician Blaise Pascal Philosophy Imagination Blaise Pascal on Truth Religion Evil Euclid: God's Mathematical laws of Nature Diversity from Unity: Brahman Transcendent Reality Mystic Philosophy: Aldous Huxley Man Made Gods God Truth Unity: Gandhi Religion and Non Violence Philosophy Atheism Religion: Francis Bacon Thomas Aquinas: senses, Morality and Reason Jesus Christ: Kingdom of Heaven Messiah / Christ: Jesus of Nazareth Peace and Love Cosmic Dancer shiva: Dynamic Unity of the UniverseLeo Tolstoy: True Religion Morality Philosophy Christianity: Truth, Myth and Religion Terrorism George W. Bush: United Nations Power to the People: Government Bill Clinton George W. Bush senior: USA Politics Ronald Reagan: American Politics / Government American Economy: President Ronald Reagan 40th American President: Ronald Reagan: Peace Humour of Reagan: President / Actor / Broadcaster War and Peace: American President Jimmy Carter Peace and Human Relations: Nelson Mandela President Nelson Mandela: Quality Leadership American Politics: JFK Ideal of Excellence Power of the Idea: US President John F. Kennedy John F. Kennedy 'Ask not what your country can do John F. Kennedy (JFK) Unity in Humanity Mankind, War and Peace: John F. Kennedy Truth and Myth: President John F. Kennedy Freedom from Oppression: Martin Luther King Jr Cold War President Harry Truman on War, Injustice President Eisenhower: Peace, Justice and Fairness Soviet Leader Joseph Stalin Individual, Collective Democracy Politics: Sir Winston Churchill Vulnerability of Ignorance: Hitler Reign of Terror Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) on Truth & Lies American Politics / Issues: Theodore Roosevelt Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt: Education, Mind, Moral Mohandas Mahatma Gandhi 'An Eye for an Eye ...' Woodrow Wilson American Ideal Liberty Man Lenin: USSR Revolution: Capitalism Freedom slaves USA President Abraham Lincoln Democracy American President Abraham Lincoln on Liberty Mankind, Fear, self Interest: Emperor Napoleon I French Revolution: Napoleon Calm Perseverance Work and Luck: American President Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson: Orthodox Christianity Fallacy Thomas Jefferson: Freedom of Press Revolution American Politics: Thomas Jefferson Politics: Edmund Burke: War Revolution Morals Political Writer: Edmund Burke: Law of Change Washington: Indian Hemp (Cannabis, Marijuana) Washington: American Democracy, Government George Washington: American Revolution War Peace Founding U.S. President George Washington: Freedom Emperor Marcus Aurelius: Enemy Opposition Stoic Philosopher Marcus Aurelius: Unity Universe Famous Roman Conquerors: Julius Caesar Julius Caesar: I Came I saw I Conquered Caesar Pictures Politics Quotes: Patriotism War Plato Educational Philosophy: Love of Beauty Play Discovery: Greek Philosophy Wisdom of Plato Aristotle Philosophy of Education: Living and Dead Aristotle: Habit of Excellence in Education Words of Confucius: Pleasure of Applied Learning Noble Eightfold Path: Buddha Education of Mind Discovery Truth Science: Galileo Individual Power Michel de Montaigne: Philosophy of Education Seeker of Truth: Rene Descartes on Doubt False Opinion Society Influence: Rene Descartes Jean Jacques Rousseau: Education Poetry of Wordsworth: Nature the Teacher Noble soul, Clear Mind, Goethe Purity of Thought Science and Knowledge: Words of Louis Pasteur Truth and Life: German Philosophy Schopenhauer History Failure of Government: Hegel Quote Whitehead Education: Philosophy Death of Ignorance Thomas Edison Quote: Inspiration and Genius Science and Intuition; Proof and Discovery Thought: Revolutionary, Terrible, Great, Free Attitude Perception William James Life Observation Aldous Huxley Old Age spirit of Childhood Power of the Press: safety Freedom Jefferson Theodore Roosevelt: Moral Education Power of Truth: Famous Words of Gandhi Winston Churchill: Mankind Fear of Truth Nelson Mandela Education Weapon of Change Rudolf steiner: Education school Methods of Education Children and Maria Montessori Individual Responsibility to Humanity: Marie Curie Feminist Philosophy: strength of Female Mind Charlotte Bronte: Prejudice & Education Authority vs. Truth: Feminist Lucretia Mott Quote Charles Darwin: God / Creation Charles Darwin: New Ideas in Science Charles Darwin Evolution Theory Natural Selection Transcendental Philosophy: Thoreau simplify Henry David Thoreau Civil Disobedience Spencer: Evolution and synthetic Philosophy Evolutionist Herbert Spencer: Words & Thoughts Thomas Huxley Darwin Natural Selection Environment Conservation: Franklin D. Roosevelt Ancient Indian Wisdom: Fool Angry Wise Understand Marcus Aurelius: The Universe Connection to All Edmund Burke: Good & Evil Power of Dreams: Writer / Philosopher Goethe Isabella Baumfree: Womens' Rights William James Psychologist: Life and Change Power of Positive Thinking: William James Thomas Edison: Genius Hard Work and Perspiration Sigmund Freud Psychoanalysis Culture Quotes U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt: Great Thoughts Power of the Truth: Mahatma Gandhi Struggle for Change: Gandhi Loyalty to Cause Notorious Quotes: Winston Churchill World War 2 Winston Churchill: Politics, Truth, Humankind Foundations of USSR: Stalin on Revolution Inspiration from US President Richard Nixon Friedrich Nietzsche: Philosopher / Master of Prose Baudelaire French Poetry: Opium and Women American Romantic Poets Edgar Allan Poe English Romantic Poets: Percy Bysshe Shelley The Masque of Anarchy: Percy Bysshe Shelley Samuel Taylor Coleridge Metaphysics Poetry Thomas Moore: Lyrics, Poetry and Eternal Life Irish Poet Thomas Moore: Passage of Death William Wordsworth: Poetry Emotion Tranquillity English Romantic Movement: Wordsworth on Nature Poet Goethe: Clear Thought / Noble soul Sonnets on Love & Beauty: Shakespeare's Juliet Political Dystopia: Orwell 1984 Big Brother George Orwell: Allegory / Animal Farm George Orwell social Comment: Revolution & Truth Novelist George Orwell: Politics / Language Political satire: George Orwell's Animal Farm Aldous Huxley: Genius Child Enthusiasm History of Mankind: Aldous Huxley Humanist Writer Aldous Huxley on War & Murder Famous Poet Playwright Oscar Wilde: Genius Female Novelists: Emily Bronte Wuthering Heights Mystic Thinking: Edgar Allan Poe on Dreams Gothic Fiction: Edgar Allan Poe The Raven Mary Shelley: Frankenstein English Novelist Mary Shelley on Feminism Frankenstein: Mary Shelley's Modern Prometheus British Romantic Writer Percy Shelley on War Enlightenment Philosopher: Voltaire Moderation French Philosopher Author Voltaire: Love Truth Shakespeare's Tragedy Hamlet: Horatio, Philosophy To Be or Not To Be: Shakespeare's Hamlet Famous Tragedy: Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet William Shakespeare Tragedy and Comedy: Henry VI William Shakespeare: All the Worlds a stage William Shakespeare Quote: What's in a Name? The Four seasons: Antonio Vivaldi Glory God Music: Baroque Composer J. s. Bach Johann sebastian Bach: Great Music & Life Influence of Music: Handel and Messiah Classic Music Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Imagination Mozart on Music: Love Genius Imagination Beethoven: Music Revelation Wisdom Classical Composers Ludwig van Beethoven on Music Death of Cleopatra Queen of Egypt National Heroine of France: Saint Joan of Arc Famous Women Marie Antoinette on Courage suffering Feminist Mary Wollstonecraft on Female Mind Vindication of the Rights of Women: Wollstonecraft Writer Jane Austen on Role of Women in History Feminist Activist Lucretia Mott: Women's Rights Sojourner Truth & Lincoln: Ain't I a Woman? British Women's suffrage: Emmeline Pankhurst Madame Marie Curie: Build Better World Jewish Philosopher Hannah Arendt on Good & Evil Philosopher'Simone De Beauvoir on sexual Pleasure Feminist Writer Philosopher: Iris Murdoch Equality Kids Art: Artist as Child Pablo Picasso Quote Matisse self-Portrait: Creativity & Courage of Art Vincent Van Gogh self Portrait Painting Quote Van Gogh Cafe Art: Color like Enthusiasm Van Gogh sunflowers Painting: Quote on sun Dutch Artist Van Gogh Asylum Garden Van Gogh Bandaged Ear: On suffering & Creation Renoir Impressionism Nude Bather Art Deception Appearance: Aesop Quote Psyche Painting Cradle Painting: Female Impressionist Art Morisot Cezanne Painting Famous Apple Astonish Paris Quote Paul Cezanne self Portrait: Emotion Artistic Quote Manet Battle Painting: Art, Colour & Nature Quote Art & Meaning of Architecture: Eiffel Tower Paris Pissarro Art of Impressions: shepherdess Painting Artist Camille Corot: Landscape with Figures Famous Fantasy Quote: Goya Colossus Painting Francisco de Goya self Portrait & Fantasy Quote Dutch Painter Rembrandt on Art & Atmosphere Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn self Portrait Peter Paul Rubens self Portrait Art & Quote Titian Grand Master of Renaissance Art: Flora Leonardo da Vinci: Pleasure / Joy of Understanding Leonardo da Vinci Mona Lisa: simplicity Quote Leonardo da Vinci self Portrait & Wise Quote Leonardo da Vinci John Baptist Painting Madonna by Leonardo da Vinci: Painter's Mind Quote Leonardo da Vinci Art Union of spirit and Hand Raphael Madonna Painting: Pablo Picasso Quote Milan Pieta by Michelangelo: Marble not yet Carved Michelangelo Art Philosophy Elevation of Painters Michelangelo Artist Eccentricity Nude Painting Michelangelo statue & Angel in Marble Quote Michelangelo Renaissance Artist Genius Quote Michelangelo Fresco Sistine Chapel Adam and Eve David sculpture by Michelangelo Buonarroti Italian Renaissance Michelangelo Divine Perfection Diego Velazquez Painting: Einstein Art and Freedom Italian Artist Correggio Painting and Einstein Quote Political Comedy: Churchill Against Democracy Irony: Freedom of speech, Freedom of Thought Wit of Oscar Wilde: Genius at Play Funny Words: President George Washington Rational Man: Bertrand Russell Humor and Wit Clever Humour: Bertrand Russell Thinking Quote Ronald Reagan Joke: Terror of Government Political Humor: Ronald Reagan on the Deficit Office Humor: Ronald Reagan on Hard Work Plato: Greek Humour Beer Quote Physics Comedy: on Quantum Theory Humor in Literature: George Orwell Priceless humor: George Orwell Animals Humanity Humorous Nietzsche: Fallacy of Moral Religion Humor in Politics: Karl Marx on Business Funny Quotes: Irony of Thought and Prejudice

Landscape (Wide) Images

Raphael: school of Athens Philosophers Painting Apeiron The First Principle / source: Anaximander Know Thyself Philosophy of Socrates Socrates: Commitment to Truth and Wisdom Death of Socrates Music, Philosophy, Writing: Plato Cynic Philosophy Diogenes: Education of the Youth 17th Century Philosophy Reason: Spinoza on Love Albert Camus Depression & Motivational Thinking 20th Century Philosophy: Ludwig Wittgenstein Sir Isaac Newton: Laws of Motion Sir Isaac Newton: Gravity Nicolaus Copernicus: CosmologyScience / Hubble: Exploration of Galaxies / space Tesla: Theory of Alternating Current Confronting Truth, stubborn Resistance: Galileo Galileo Galilei: God Religion ReasonAstronomy: stars, Planets, Measurement Tycho Brahe Pioneer Explorer / Discovery of America: Columbus Leibniz Unity Metaphysics: God, substance of Monad Cicero: Freedom Quote Cicero: Philosophy God Religion Cicero: God Nature One Roman Philosophers: seneca the Younger Death of Socrates: Knowledge and Truth Leo Tolstoy: God Metaphysics Quotes John F. Kennedy (JFK): Education Knowledge Truth Martin Luther King Jr. 'I have a dream' Martin Luther King Jr. Morality Good Evil Thoreau Promotion of Non Violence: Martin Luther King Jr. Churchill War Quote 'field of human conflict' 2nd World War: Stalin Roosevelt Churchill Revolutionary Theory: Lenin and the soviet Union Vladimir Lenin: Taxation, Inflation and Revolution Socrates: Knowledge Books Wisdom Good, Evil, Knowledge, Ignorance: Socrates Wisdom Beginning of Wisdom: Greek Philosopher'Socrates Education of Youth: Greek Cynic Diogenes Seneca strength of Mind: Challenge Hardship LabourEducation from Antiquity: Confucius on Knowledge Guidance of Reason: Noble Love of Fellow Man JFK: Human Mind, Knowledge, Education of a NationSigmund Freud: Radiant Mind of Children The Unexamined Life: Socrates on Wonder Seneca the Younger: Philosopher / statesmanThe Knowledgeable One: saint Augustine of HippoMotivational Quotes American Presidents: Nixon Activist for Peace: Martin Luther King Jr End of Violence with Peace: Martin Luther King Jr.Poetry / Philosophy of Rome: LucretiusOrwell: Totalitarian Mechanism of Thought ControlSaint Thomas More: Utopia, God servantRichard Wagner: Divine Thought Inspiration Henri Matisse Joy of Life Artwork Nature Quote Vincent Van Gogh: sower setting sun painting The starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh Renoir Boating Party Landscape PrintsPierre Auguste Renoir The Louvre & Nature Renoir Oarsmen Painting Art & Beauty QuoteMonet Water Lillies Painting: Color & Beauty Quote Claude Monet Impressionist sunrise: Torture of Art Paul Cezanne Nature Quote on Landscape NudeBerthe Morisot: Art Expression & Experience QuoteAlfred sisley Impressionist Painting: Nature Quote Edgar Degas Painting Difficulty of Art Quote Edgar Degas: Painter of Dancers & MovementFrench Artist Camille Pissarro Quote: How to Paint Corot Boatman Painting Impressionist QuoteImpressionist Artist Manet Olympia Nude Portrait French Impressionism Manet: Painting, Work to FeelRembrandt Painting 'The Mill' & Nature QuoteRembrandt stone Bridge: Quote on God & PaintingMichelangelo Creation of Man & Quote on True ArtIntoxication of Art Nietzsche and Bacchanal PaintingLucian Freud Erotic Quote on Titian Nude Painting Caravaggio Religious Art: Beauty and the Illogical

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