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Richard Gerber Interview
Vibrational Healing / Holistic Health, Science & Spirituality

An interview with Richard Gerber, author of Vibrational Medicine, about the range of treatments available, along with conventional medicine, in a holistic approach to healing.

Richard Gerber on Vibrational Medicine and HealingRichard Gerber, MD, is the author of the 1988 book, Vibrational Medicine: New Choices for Healing Ourselves, a publication that has been reviewed as ‘landmark’ and ‘encyclopedic’, and in many ways bridges the gap between science and esoteric healing. Vibrational Medicine cites hundreds of scientific studies that support the energy model of health and healing and presents the theoretical foundation for such therapies as homeopathy and acupuncture. Share International’s medical correspondent, Edward Brown, interviewed Richard Gerber.

Edward Brown: What exactly is vibrational medicine?

Richard Gerber: Vibrational medicine is a diagnostic and healing approach to illness using energy in various forms and frequencies. As a therapy, vibrational medicine is the application of different types of energy for healing, including approaches as traditional as X-ray and radiation therapy for cancer, the use of electrical nerve stimulation for treating pain, and electromagnetic field stimulators for accelerating the healing of fractured bones. Even full spectrum light is used for treating seasonal affective disorders or the ‘winter blues’. However, vibrational medicine also covers the more subtle forms of treatment such as acupuncture, homeopathy, flower essences, therapeutic touch, and that sort of genre. The latter involve using subtle life-force medicine, but they are energetic therapies nonetheless. This is the spectrum from the more traditional to a range of therapies that stress treatment of the whole person, sometimes referred to as ‘complementary’ medicine.

EB: How does orthodox medicine view complementary therapy?

Gerber: I don't see complementary medicine as an absolute alternative to orthodox healing procedures. I think that if the conventional medical community sees itself as being rejected by an alternative medical faction, this would create much more conflict than what I see as a gentler, more gradual transitional approach. Ultimately, what we need is a larger base of experimental evidence and research to support complementary vibrational therapies in order to convince the conventional medical community that they have value. There is much anecdotal evidence for vibrational therapies, but not always the type of rigidly controlled scientific studies that most doctors like to see. In some ways I see vibrational medicine as an evolving sub–specialty of medicine.

The vibrational approach, especially the subtle energy medicine approach, works by injecting selective frequencies of energy into the body that encourage the body's own self-healing systems to do the work. Some of the most elegant approaches in the future for healing cancer and AIDS may involve the use of selective frequencies in energy medicine or even the use of electromagnetic fields in healing. There are indications this technology has been around for some time, but unfortunately it was suppressed.

EB: Yes, I was wondering if you were familiar with the work of Royal Rife, with his universal microscope and the treatment of cancer with energy frequencies?

Gerber: The World Research Foundation, with which I am associated, at one time had the Rife microscope. Rife is just now beginning to become known for his work with cancer therapy. The original device, the Rife beam ray, seemed to be extremely effective in treating cancer. Where Rife got into trouble was that he put forward the idea that cancer had a viral basis, which at the time went against medical dogma. We now know that certain types of cancer are in fact caused by viruses. If you think about the concept of being able to selectively destroy a virus in the system without harming the rest of the body, we might literally have a cure for AIDS — if this technology were again available. It would be nice if we could resurrect that research.

EB: Do you feel there exists a bias within medicine against treatments that do not involve drugs or surgery?

Gerber: I haven't directly experienced it, but I think there is an unspoken bias that exists not only in the medical community, but also in the research community. I know people who have approached various research societies and foundations asking for grant money to study the use of a very effective energy medicine modality. Because the therapy was not pharmacologic, not drug oriented, they were not able to receive funding — just because the treatment didn't fit into the paradigm that the foundation was trained to look at. That's really very sad because the goal of medicine should be to heal illness, not to promote one system over another, especially if the one system is reaching its limitation.

I think modern medicine is wonderful. We have very effective treatments for a variety of illnesses from which people died earlier in this century. But we are seeing the limitations of technological medicine in many ways: the high cost of medicine today limits people’s access to health care; in industrialized nations, chronic degenerative diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, cancer and heart disease are not curable, but are only palliated by our treatments. And in many cases the side effects of some of our treatments are worse than the disease.

The potential of non-invasive energy medicine to benefit people at a much lower cost is phenomenal. However, because the drug industry is so entrenched within the US medical system, when research money is granted, it is very much biased toward the pharmacologic approach. Molecular biology is the new buzzword, and systems that exist outside of that are not getting the research funds they deserve.

Vibrational medicine has the potential to scan the body not only for illness states, but also for a disposition toward illness, that is, a pre-physical energetic disturbance that will lead to illness. There are a variety of diagnostic systems that are evolving. One of these involves assessing the acupuncture meridian system. If we can detect disturbances in the etheric body before physical disease develops, then we have the basis for a whole new level of preventive medicine, which we have never really seen before.

EB: Yes, I was fascinated by the discussion in your book on the Voll electroacupuncture technique.

Gerber: One of the problems with the existing medical system is that we are so problem oriented that when a person has a very subtle illness, it’s very hard to pick up with conventional blood testing. The electroacupuncture diagnostic system is capable of reaching a very subtle level of diagnosis that is extremely impressive.

The electroacupuncture system was compared with RAST blood allergy testing and showed good agreement in identifying allergic sensitivities. That's the kind of testing we need to do. However, I think the electroacupuncture system goes way beyond what we can pick up with conventional blood tests. The acupuncture meridian system appears to be the interface between the physical body and the higher energy control systems.

So you can not only pick up a disturbance That's at the physical level, you can actually pick it up at the subtle energetic level before it is even manifest as illness.

The treatment may be homeopathic remedies, flower essences, acupuncture, or it may involve a combination of these modalities, in addition to working with nutritional modification, lifestyle changes, and attitudinal and emotional changes. I don't think we should look at vibrational medicine as individual modalities targeted against specific illnesses in the same way that allopathic medicine has evolved to think of the right drug for the right bug. If we are going to be truly holistic, we have to look at the whole person and design therapies that encompass the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of illness.

EB: I'm sure many of our readers would agree that karma and reincarnation are factors that need to be considered in the healing process. How do you see these factors becoming integrated within mainstream medicine?

Gerber: Vibrational medicine is the first scientific approach I've seen that is able to integrate science and spirituality, something which has unfortunately been left out of the medical model. It’s only by viewing the body as a multi-dimensional energy system that we begin to approach how the soul manifests through molecular biology, if you will. Ultimately, that comes down to the whole issue of reincarnation and karma. It’s a difficult issue to grasp, especially for the larger medical community. They still have problems buying into homeopathy, let alone reincarnation. I think it is an area we need to begin to explore. There are various people doing past life regression work who are beginning to envision the soul’s progress through life, and illness as an expression of obstacles the soul is trying to overcome in the whole process of learning. How karma fits into this is a very individualized thing.

The vibrational practitioners influence the individual’s consciousness, helping them gain insight into the factors predisposing toward the creation of their illness, or why the illness crystallized at this time in their life. As to what are the effects of past life carry-overs, I don't have a simple answer, and it’s something I'm still grappling with.

What I have discovered is that the most powerful healing force in the universe is love, unconditional love. When you work from that level you begin to open up whole vistas of discovery in self-exploration and spiritual transformation. You begin a new level of healing, not just fixing the body, but helping the individual to grow to a whole new understanding of their life and their awareness as an evolving spiritual being.

EB: In your book, you mention the works of Alice Bailey. One of her books is The Reappearance of the Christ. It is our information that this great spiritual being is in incarnation now and is influencing world events in preparation for His public emergence. We believe that the dramatic events in Europe and the rest of the world are a manifestation of the energetic changes inaugurated on the inner planes by the Christ. In your research and your personal experience, have you heard of this before?

Gerber: I've heard of this, yes. I am still forming my opinion about the actual physical presence of the Christ on the physical plane.

But, it is my understanding that there are tremendously powerful forces working from the higher planes to bring through a higher level of awareness. This would include emerging medical technologies, a higher spiritual awareness within the healing arts, and a whole new awareness, on a global level, of how we are spiritually connected.

I think that the Christ and the teachers from the higher planes are actively working to assist in spiritual transformation on the planet. On which level the Christ is manifesting, I'm not entirely sure.

EB: How are things progressing toward the creation of the healing research center you hope to create through the World Research Foundation?

Gerber: It’s still in its infancy stage right now. The World Research Foundation is a non-profit public foundation involved in providing information to the public and to health care professionals on alternative treatments for various illnesses. They have computer links with over 300 medical data bases and are in close contact with a wide variety of academic and private healing centers and clinics throughout the US and Europe. They even recently opened an office in China. They are laying the groundwork for an international network involving the private sector and academic centers doing healing research.

I see a multi-tiered approach evolving with regard to the healing research center. The first step is the creation of a healing research data base that people will be able to access from their home computers. They will find research information on acupuncture, color therapy, homeopathy, and other vibrational medicine modalities.

The second level is the creation of an interactive computer network that allows physicians, consultants, researchers, and interested lay people to dialogue with each other on their computer screens. They would be able, in effect, to talk with each other in their own home through the fiber optic communication system That's evolving. This is literally a network of light communication.

The third level is the physical creation of a center that would be able to do on-site research, as well as fund other healing research centers throughout the world. The healing research center would also conduct educational symposia and publish a journal. I think we can use the best of existing medical science to study and learn the potential of vibrational medicine. At this point, it appears its potential is unlimited.

Gerber: Is there anything else you would like to mention?

RG: I think we need to work together on a spiritual level if we are going to create the kind of healing research center that I have envisioned and that many others have dreamed of. In order for us to create a healing center of lasting value and benefit to the planet, the scientists and the workers who come together will need to have a higher perspective of spiritual unification. We have to be aligned with the higher spiritual sense and purpose in order for us to manifest this goal. If we are, then I think we can really change the entire medical system. One of the secondary agendas of the healing research center is to heal not just people, but the planet.

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Richard Gerber (Medical Doctor): Interview on Vibrational / Holistic Health & Healing, Science & Spirituality

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